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Looking for a Conveyance Lawyer or Attorney in Durban?

Definitions on the web:

Conveyance is a generic term for any written document which transfers (conveys) real property or real property interests from one party to another. A conveyance of real property must be acknowledged before a notary and recorded with the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds. In some instances, a conveyance is made by a court judgment and must be certified as the same as the document on file. Conveyance Lawyer or Attorney in Durban

If a court finds that a client was insolvent before asset protection strategies were implemented, then it is possible that the court will deem transfers to be fraudulent. Fraudulent transfer provisions of state law and bankruptcy law protect present and subsequent creditors against transfers made with the intent to hinder, delay or defraud them. Conveyance Lawyer or Attorney in Durban

You have many different form of Conveyance Law namely:

Absolute conveyance is a conveyance free from conditions. In an absolute conveyance a right or property is transferred to another free of conditions or qualifications. It is different from a conditional conveyance in which the property or right get transferred on the happening of some particular event.

Conditional conveyance is a conveyance in which the transfer of rights or property is contingent on the happening of an event, ordinarily the payment for the property. It may refer to a mortgage. Conveyance Lawyer or Attorney in Durban

A fraudulent conveyance is the transfer of property for with the intent of delaying or defrauding a known creditor. If such a fraudulent intent can be proven, the creditor may bring a lawsuit to void the transfer. However, if the transfer was made without knowledge of the claim or before a debt has matured, for other legitimate reasons, and/or in the normal course of business, then the creditor will usually be unable to set aside the conveyance. Conveyance Lawyer or Attorney in Durban

The term livery of conveyance refers to the transporting of people or goods for hire. It includes conveyance by taxi service, motor carrier, or delivery service.

Conveyance Lawyer or Attorney in Durban


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