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The youngest division of SA Online is called and was launched onto the Internet in January 2012 by Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline, an Internet Marketing Strategist and Owner of SA Online. Jean-Pierre’s objective was to build virtual legal real-estate and during the development phase partner with Law Firms to fund the process while servicing Client requests. The concept was simple: build a web foundation to monopolize the Internet for searches of legal services in South Africa and promise a first response from a Law Firm within 60 minutes or less.

A 5 year plan was designed and then rolled out. has grown to the point where it is arguable generating more legal related requests for the Lawyers and Attorneys than any independent Law Firm in South Africa via the Internet.


The network has a count of Unique Visitors of 129 000. There is an immense difference between website ‘Hits’ and Unique Visitors. A ‘Hit’ is simply a single page view, not a visitor. Most people will click through 3 or more pages on a website, and perhaps even return to the same site twice or more – all creating Hits. Therefore when someone reports a web Hit statistic you can already divide that data by at least 4 to show a more realistic impression of traffic. For this reason we only assess our network on direct server unique visitors’ statistics and can say with confidence that our network is receiving over 2100 NEW human visitors every month!

More interestingly, we have not added to the above record those websites we have developed and then migrated to new domains to improve S.E.O, thus not including nothing less than 25% of our recordable stats from old sites.

The division has a Network of Websites which currently stands at 47 key rich domains, 17 content sites with a total of 1535 web pages, all well optimized for search engines under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline who has the knack of being able to advise web designers just how to add content and maintain sites to ensure sustainable growth using a self-developed S.E.O. strategy and internal directory pages covering the network and boosting its own websites. It is fact that any Law Firm would struggle to ever compete against the Lawyers-Online network. Fortunately, is not a Law Firm and is designed specifically to refer all its leads.

The total amount of legal related referrals and leads issued to date have been an amazing number. In its first year referred 1197 Clients. That is almost 100 new Clients a month – it its first year! In the second year, the number expanded dramatically to 3995. That is 320 + new clients a month. Please remember, these referrals are validated leads, not just random requests passed on. Each lead is assessed before being referred and therefore not every request is sent. To date, has generated 11 448 referred leads for the Firms it has been working with. This is an amazing achievement from a small Web Agency that actually has nothing to do with Law.

To give an example of billable income opportunity, and to use the scenario of only 25% of the leads converting to billable clients, with only four billable hours charged per client, the income would be R11 448 000.00.

The better the services and response time of our Law Firms, the greater the lead to sale percentage would be. There is a unique way to deal with web based Clients.

There is an ability to increase this number of leads substantially. needs to partner with a long term venture partner which will allow it to develop the network base onto a targeted tool of webpages and growing its footprint on the internet.

Unique ideas. The network and concept of is not complex at all. It has simply been built and rolled out well and developed at a fraction of the costs it would have if another web agency had tried to duplicate the network. Because the network has benefited from low development costs and shared resources of SA Online, an estimate of only R2 100 000.00 is the approximate investment cost spent to date, and that is roughly a third of the price if the network was built by another web design company using an independent strategist.

The network has already implemented some unique features including Online Chat and communicating via Whatsapp message. As the field of Law starts to move forward with technology, the partner or partners of will have the advantage on the internet which is the best platform for finding new Clients. has further opportunity to grow on social media as well us increasing its PPC campaign.

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