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Looking for a Litigation Attorney in Johannesburg?

Since litigation attorneys in Johannesburg work mainly with lawsuits in Johannesburg, the main duty of a litigation attorney is to take a lawsuit to court in Johannesburg and try to win the case. Sometimes, litigation attorneys settle cases out of court, but most lawsuits they receive will be handled by them in court. Civil and criminal are the two types of litigation attorneys. A criminal litigation attorney in Johannesburg works on state or federal prosecution cases, while a civil litigation attorney in Johannesburg may specialize in one area or work in many areas that could include landlord-tenant, contract breaches or personal injury lawsuits. Personal injury is a common type of lawsuit handled by litigation attorneys, as they tend to have the necessary courtroom expertise and experience that many other types of attorneys such as tax or traffic attorneys don't have.

Business litigation attorneys in Johannesburg handle lawsuits for businesses such as a dispute between a shareholder and a partnership or wrongful dismissal cases or contract disputes. A business litigation attorney in Johannesburg in contract disputes thoroughly analyzes the contract and all aspects of the case before considering settlement or litigation. A commercial litigation attorney in Johannesburg may specialize in one area such as real estate and tenant-landlord lawsuits. Real estate litigation attorneys in Johannesburg clearly explain legal rights and obligations to clients and point out faults in the construction of leases.

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