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Are You In Need of a Medical Negligence Attorney?

Doctors and medical practitioners are subject to an oath known as the Duty of Care and this means that when taking care of their patients, a medical practitioner is obligated to do everything within their power to help their clients.

Of course, not all medical interventions are successful and illness or injury ultimately wins the battle, despite these doctor’s best efforts. But what about those cases where the duty of care is treated a little too lightly and medical practitioners do not take the best care of their patients?

This is where the personal injury claim of medical negligence may apply. If a medical action is seen as causing unnecessary injury or harm to a patient, there may be grounds for a medical negligence claim.

Determining Negligence

Of course, determining whether there was negligence can be tricky as grief and anger may taint a situation in a less than favourable light. This is why it is so important to consult with a medical negligence attorney who is able to review your case and provide empathetic and expert advice on the matter.

Medical terminology may be beyond the understanding of the average consumer and patient, but those lawyers with medical negligence claims experience come to the table with a vast reservoir of knowledge. And where they lack knowledge, they often have access to experts in the medical field who are able to provide an unbiased opinion on the matter.

Examples of Medical Negligence:

  • Brain defects and injuries suffered during the birth process
  • Failure to obtain consent before proceeding with a treatment
  • Misdiagnosis of a condition, or the failure to diagnose
  • Delayed treatment or interpreting x-rays, scans and MRI’s incorrectly
  • Poor post-operative care

Why Us?

If you feel that your medical care has not been handled correctly and you have a claim for medical negligence, please talk to us about securing the services of a medical negligence attorney immediately. Patients only have a window of 3 years to issue a summons against a negligent practitioner, and while this may seem like a long time, when one is ill and suffering time simply slips away.

With medical negligence attorneys in all three major cities of South Africa, we can help you protect your rights that were infringed on through negligent means. Our attorneys have experience dealing with all manner of personal injury claims and will fight for their clients to the very best of their ability, while always remaining respectful, honest and empathetic to the situation.

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