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Are You in Need of a Road Accident Fund Attorney?

Are you currently worried about the consequences of being in a car accident? In these hurried days, few people have the time or even the funds to deal with an accident, even if it is minor. While our insurance may take care of repairs, there are other expenses that we don’t always consider when planning for the possibility of a road accident.

This is why our legal system created the Road Accident Fund, or RAF, as a means for citizens to lessen the financial burden of car accidents. The RAF is funded through fuel levies and is available to any citizen who has been in a road accident that is not their fault.

If you have been in a road accident and are not liable, why not allow us to put you in touch with a road accident fund attorney who will help you determine the validity of your claim and the value thereof.

What does the RAF Cover?

The Road Accident Fund does not exist to cover damages to a person’s property, for example, damage to the vehicle or goods inside the vehicle. The fund exists to cover medical expenses and the potential loss of income resulting from a road accident.

With the help of a skilled Road Accident Fund attorney, drivers, cyclists, passengers and even pedestrians are allowed to seek compensation from the fund. Although the paperwork exists for a person to make a claim without legal assistance, the chances of a successful claim are minimal without a legal eye taking a closer look at the case.

Why Us

With our assistance, you can be connected to a Road Accident Fund Attorney who can help you determine the validity of your claim, assess the potential damages you could receive, all the while maintaining an empathetic approach.

Car accidents and the fallout thereof are traumatic and having a professional but kind approach is best in these cases. Our Road Accident Fund Attorneys are the right mix of legal skill and compassion to help you get back on your feet through the use of public resources like the RAF.

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