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Collection attorneys specialize in collections/creditor rights and represent businesses, collection agencies, banks, credit unions and health care providers, and other commercial creditors in the collection of debts, as well as the protection and enforcement of creditor rights and remedies, including remedies when a debtor has filed for bankruptcy protection. Collections Lawyer or Attorney in Cape Town

Lawyers who practice collections law assist creditors in the collection and satisfaction of outstanding debt, enforcement of rights under liens, and recovery of court-ordered judgments. Debt collections attorneys may also assist clients in repossessing the real and personal property of insolvent debtors. Collections Lawyer or Attorney in Cape Town

Collection law applies to any person or organization using interstate commerce to attempt to collect a debt. Generally, federal debt collection laws apply only to third party organizations collecting a debt on behalf of a creditor however, several states have enacted similar laws applying to original creditors as well. If you feel you have been harassed or improperly treated by a collection agency, you should contact a collection attorney for assistance. Collections Lawyer or Attorney in Cape Town

Collections refer to debt, and there are two types of debt; secured and unsecured. With secured debt, the borrower pledges to secure payment of the loan. So, for example, if he does not pay for materials or services used to improve his property, the creditor can place a lien on the property as a result of the failure to pay the secured debt. Foreclosure, a method of collecting amounts owed on real property, follows strict statutory procedures. The repossession of secured personal property usually follows the state Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). To collect an unsecured debt, for which there is no property pledged to secure the loan, the creditor may have to hire a collections agency or file a lawsuit. Unsecured debt collections may require more involvement and tactics to obtain the unsecured debt payment. Find more information here in the collections practice centre.

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