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In our ‘team’ we have Legal Practitioners (Lawyers & Attorneys) and other Professionals who offer parallel solutions. Our website menu items LEGAL PRACTITIONERS and OTHER PROFESSIONALS offer a summary of services and will help you decide which type of service provider to use. Please review both pages. Afterwards, if you are still not sure who to use please ask for guidance using the Immediate Action Form on the Contacts Page.



For free services you could engage with an organization such as or visit for free information. Depending on your issue any of the following organizations might be appropriate and mandated to help for free:

  • The National Consumer Commission,
  • CGSO,
  • CCMA,
  • Housing Tribunal,
  • For insurance or banking issues, you should contact the appropriate ombudsman.

If you are looking to hire a Professional we guarantee that the fees quoted will be reasonable and you will not be charged anything until you have accepted a quote or entered into an engagement letter. Payment options will be communicated and might include hourly, per project, fixed rate or retainer. See a Cost Guideline HERE. The use of a Legal Practitioner or Court should be engaged with only once you have exhausted all amicable and free options, or if the matter at hand needs legal guidance and an expert to expedite a solution.


An E-Consult is an effective way to receive expedited support for select, once off or ad hoc matters. Please visit the menu item for more information on this process. CLICK HERE



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General Commercial Law

General commercial law in South Africa provides the legal framework that governs business activities, transactions, and relationships in the country. It's like the rulebook that keeps the business world fair, transparent, and orderly, allowing companies to operate with confidence and integrity.

One of the key aspects of commercial law is contract law, which regulates agreements between parties. Whether it's buying goods, leasing property, or providing services, contracts outline the rights and obligations of each party involved. They ensure that agreements are legally binding and enforceable, providing recourse in case of breach or dispute.

Intellectual property law is another important component of commercial law, protecting creations of the mind such as inventions, trademarks, copyrights, and designs. This encourages innovation and creativity by granting exclusive rights to creators, allowing them to benefit from their work and prevent others from using it without permission.

Consumer protection laws safeguard the rights of consumers and promote fair and ethical business practices. They regulate product safety, advertising, pricing, and other aspects of consumer transactions, ensuring that consumers are not exploited or misled by businesses.

Corporate law governs the formation, operation, and dissolution of companies and other business entities. It establishes rules for corporate governance, shareholder rights, directors' duties, and financial reporting, promoting transparency, accountability, and good corporate citizenship.

Commercial law also covers areas such as competition law, which prohibits anti-competitive practices that harm consumers or restrict competition in the marketplace; banking and finance law, which regulates financial institutions and transactions; and international trade law, which governs cross-border trade and investment.

Overall, general commercial law in South Africa provides the legal framework necessary for businesses to thrive in a competitive and dynamic environment. By promoting fairness, transparency, and accountability, it fosters trust and confidence among businesses, consumers, and investors, driving economic growth and development.

The information on this page is not legal advice. Please engage with our team so we can assign your request to a Legal Practitioner. We look forward to being of service.

General Commercial Law