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Medical Negligence & Personal Injury, law, claims and help. Take it Personally!

- Featured article by LAWYERS-ONLINE.CO.ZA - June 2019

So often we find ourselves the victim of an accident or some form of negligence, and yet we feel powerless to do something about it because criminal law does not make provision for it. No one is arresting dogs for biting, or ice for being slippery.

However, there is such a thing as a personal injury claim – where if a person has suffered an injury or loss which was a result of an action not of their own, that could perhaps have been avoided through reasonable action by another, they may be able to sue the other party for compensation.

Personal injury law allows an aggrieved party to recover any damages that occurred in the form of monetary compensation which could also extend to loss of work. Let’s use an example:

Say your neighbour’s dog bit you, because they didn’t close their gate and it escaped, and the bite resulted in a hospital stay, you would be able to claim not only the medical costs but also potential lost income through a personal injury claim. This does not mean you can sue your neighbour for enough money to retire, but a reasonable compensation claim is probable.

So, in which situations are you able to launch a personal injury claim?

There are numerous situations that may call for the services of a skilled personal injury lawyer, some of the most common causes:

  • Slip and fall claims, in commercial areas that should be looking after the public,
  • Injury at work, where the company is neglecting on safety in the office environment,
  • Road accidents caused by badly maintained roads, taking action against the Road Accident Fund,
  • Medical negligence by a doctor who perhaps took a short cut,
  • Dog bites, from pets that are not being controlled by their owners,
  • Defective products that result in injury like exploding cell phone batteries.

Personal injury claims are subject to a time limit and it is best to contact someone immediately in order to start the investigation and paperwork required.

These cases can be time consuming and expensive, and should you decide to launch a claim, it is best to keep in mind that it could take up to 3 years before a settlement is reached. The right lawyer can speed up the process and help reduce overall costs in the claim.

We can help you get in contact with the right lawyer for the job.

Medical Negligence & Personal Injury, law, claims and help