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Other Professionals




It is encouraged to use a solution that is cost effective, efficient, professional and objective driven. In some instances using a Service Provider or Professional instead of a Legal Practitioner is an option.

We offer experts in specialist fields with services summarised below. You can use the Immediate Action Contact Form, Chatbot or Email address on the Contacts Page to ask for a consult or quote.



  • Adoption
  • Surrogacy
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Immigration
  • Permits and Visas
  • Reputational harm mitigation
  • Private Investigator
  • Neighbourhood disturbances, health and safety matters
  • Personal tax
  • Mitigation with household contractors and suppliers
  • Career coaching



  • Media Training
  • Public Relations for crisis management or contract periods
  • Human Resources
  • Reputation management and mitigation
  • Informal Mediation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • Chairing of Board Meetings, hearings or disciplinary matters
  • Translators
  • Tax and Accounting services
  • Billing and PA services
  • Debt collection
  • E-security assessments
  • Digital and Online Policy
  • Digital safety, hacking and e-ransom preparations, mitigation and recovery
  • Fraud and Compliance Investigation
  • Lie detector tests
  • Private Investigator
  • Corporate Workshops on Diversity, Ethics, Safety and Financial Literacy
  • Keynote Talks on Scenario Planning, Economy, Trends, all things ā€˜eā€™
  • Planning and Strategy Sessions
  • Business Carbon footprint reviews
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Import and Export support
  • Liquor licence
  • Trading licence
  • Client Surveys
  • Industry Research
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Commercial and Web video production
  • Radio advert production



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