E-Consult 60 minutes

R900.00 incl vat


An E-Consult is the very best way to get quick legal advice. Product scope:

  1. These services are provided by www.dhoogelaw.co.za.
  2. A client can be anywhere in South Africa.
  3. An E-Consult will be conducted via WhatsApp, Zoom or another online platform.
  4. A Client must provide in their confirmation:
    • Cell number,
    • Email address,
    • Full name,
    • The town/city they reside,
    • A brief overview on the matter of concern,
    • Proposed e-consult meeting dates and times. (Business hours)
  5. Clients need to prepare their questions and notes prior the consult to make the most of their time.
  6. A client will get a confirmation email and the opportunity to send supporting documents prior the consult should there be any.
  7. The consult will be booked at a time both the client and lawyer/attorney are both available and our scheduling office will attempt to ensure this happens within 8 workings hours of payment.
  8. Extra time and services can be arrange or negotiated during the consult if needs be.
  9. E-consult fees do no constitute a service for a lawyer or attorney on record. These are once off discussions to dispense the most appropriate legal advice online.
  10. E-consult fees are not refundable.
  11. Unless otherwise arranged, consults are done in English.
  12. Once the consult has been concluded, the lawyer/attorney will email a brief summary of the points.
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